Introducing Constructive Feedback Course to IUG Students

On 3 July we held an introductory session for IUG students with the aim of getting to know each other better, introducing the whole EAST Project and particularly the Constructive Feedback Course. We used Skype to connect and one of the last year’s participants, Amani, came along too to talk about the project from the student’s perspective.

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EAST 3 Launch – What’s new?

It is this time of the year again when we get together with our partners at IUG, both staff and students, to start our successful tele-collaboration involving engineering students in the Gaza Strip and Glasgow researching together engineering-related problems. It’s the third iteration of the project and, as in the past, we have introduced some changes based on the lessons learnt in the previous two summers. This post briefly outlines the modifications.

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Nada’s reflection on the EAST project and constructive feedback course

My previous work as a hygiene promoter at primary schools required strong communication skills, especially during awareness-raising sessions. My role in this position was pushing the students to develop positive and effective health habits. The communication in these sessions mainly involved receiving feedback from young students and we used the word feedback to refer to the spontaneous comments from the children, like ‘I brushed my teeth’ or ‘I washed my hands’.

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A video from Gaza

Here is a video showing what life in Gaza is like, an aspect of life directly related to some of the engineering-related scenarios researched by IUG and UoG students during summer 2016. Many thanks to Qusai Jarad for taking his time to make it – please leave a comment to appreciate the energy and effort he put into creating the visual record of Gaza life!

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Students’ voices – Qusai’s reflection on the participation in the Constructive Feedback Course and the EAST Project

In August 2016, I participated in the East 2 project, which is a collaborative program between the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) and University of Glasgow (UoG).
Our main tasks included providing constructive feedback in the correct way to the students from University of Glasgow. Before the project, we had to finish a short 2-week online course about constructive feedback during which we had to complete a sequence of individual and collaborative tasks. Continue reading

Students’ voices – Sirin’s reflection on the participation in the Constructive Feedback Course and the EAST Project

I am Sirin Elbohisi and I am an industrial engineer. I have worked as a manager in Ministry of Public Works and Housing since 2008. I have a master’s degree in project construction management. I finished a course in academic English organized by Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) and University of Glasgow (UoG). The course was called EAST2 program and it consisted of two major parts. Continue reading

Feedback on feedback

On Monday we held a live session for IUG engineering students which aimed at wrapping up the Constructive Feedback course that the students were working on in the last two weeks of July. As the final task, the students had to provide collaborative feedback on a student’s writing sample. Next the tutors at UoG provided feedback on the students’ feedback responses. We hoped that this would help the students consolidate their skills as prospective mentors during the EAST project.

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Reminiscing about EAST 2015 and its impact on learning

It’s been a year now since we piloted the first iteration of the EAST project. At that time we didn’t really know what we were putting ourselves and, more importantly, our students into, not to mention the future opportunities of growth (we’re running an extended version this year). We knew we had something of value but would the students see it that way too?

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Constructive feedback – tips from IUG students

One of the tasks during the Constructive Feedback Course was to research what such feedback entails and as a group come up with a few guidelines. The IUG students have offered some really practical tips, which hopefully they will put to use when working with Glasgow-based students and also later in their work or during their studies. Here is a compilation of the most important points.

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