Skype is a great way of communicating and doing things together. Skype’s text, skype logovoice and video make it simple to share experiences with your friends and colleagues.

In order to use Skype, you need to set up an account and download the software on your machine. Skype works on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

In this project, we would like our student participants to make contact with each other via Skype as it is an easy-to-use tool, which many students may be already familiar with. We are aware however that communicating with strangers on a high-stakes course may be challenging so we are going to offer help with downloading and using the software. In fact, we may have a few machines with Skype already installed on them ready for use for our students to minimise any additional stress.

We would love to be able to record some of the Skype conversations as similarly to the Facebook exchanges it would be a fascinating source of insight into students’ development of communicative and collaborative competencies.



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