A video from Gaza

Here is a video showing what life in Gaza is like, an aspect of life directly related to some of the engineering-related scenarios researched by IUG and UoG students during summer 2016. Many thanks to Qusai Jarad for taking his time to make it – please leave a comment to appreciate the energy and effort he put into creating the visual record of Gaza life!

2 thoughts on “A video from Gaza

  1. Dear Qusai,

    I watched your video with great interest. It’s incredible (and terrible) to hear that the breakdown of a holding-tank could have killed 5 people. I’m curious to know whether the pools contain human, or industrial, waste – I guess the former would have immediate health impacts, but the latter could cause serious long-term issues.

    Of course, Gaza isn’t the only place that has problems of this type. While I was watching your video, I thought about a podcast from the Guardian. It’s about the coming election in America, but it has a lot about attitudes to the environment (and, specifically, about dumping toxic waste); you might find it interesting.


    Thank you so much for sharing your video with us,



  2. Dear Bill,
    I am pleased to read your comment, thank you very much for your honest feeling.
    actually this pool contain human waste.
    Although Gaza isn’t the only place that has problems of this type, but it has exceptional circumstances such as very limited area about 365^2 km, very very high population density, relying on underground water as the only source of water also this sewage untreated so it polluted the underground water.



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