Students’ voices – Qusai’s reflection on the participation in the Constructive Feedback Course and the EAST Project

In August 2016, I participated in the East 2 project, which is a collaborative program between the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) and University of Glasgow (UoG).
Our main tasks included providing constructive feedback in the correct way to the students from University of Glasgow. Before the project, we had to finish a short 2-week online course about constructive feedback during which we had to complete a sequence of individual and collaborative tasks.As the final task, we had to provide collaborative feedback on a student’s writing sample, entitled Electricity generation. Next the tutors at UoG provided feedback about our feedback, which was very interesting, helpful and highlighted many mistakes in our feedback. After that, we tried to adjust our feedback knowledge to avoid such mistakes. Anyway, my colleagues gave me positive evaluation as peer feedback.

Through these tasks I learned how to give feedback which is polite, focuses on behaviour and not the person, specific and detailed as well as constructive. After that, I decided to think about what I learned about constructive feedback before I give any feedback, not only in academic but also professional and even personal contexts. I will try to make this part of my lifestyle. Also, I improved many skills such as development of my language through conversation on Facebook with my colleagues from Gaza and Glasgow university and providing written feedback to them, and team working skills by working as team with my colleagues from IUG.

I think giving constructive feedback isn’t easy because it was the first time for me to learn about it and give feedback to others. I thought that two weeks and relying only on exercises isn’t enough to learn how to give constructive feedback properly.


However, after the course I am feeling more familiar with the field.
so I’d suggest some ideas to improve this short course:

  1. combining theory with practice;
  2. extending the duration of this course to four weeks at least;
  3. introducing more tasks like final task.

Finally, I’d like to thank Glasgow University for this great opportunity, and ask them to repeat this experience again and again. And I hope to participate in this project again next year.


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