Feedback on feedback

On Monday we held a live session for IUG engineering students which aimed at wrapping up the Constructive Feedback course that the students were working on in the last two weeks of July. As the final task, the students had to provide collaborative feedback on a student’s writing sample. Next the tutors at UoG provided feedback on the students’ feedback responses. We hoped that this would help the students consolidate their skills as prospective mentors during the EAST project.

There were 8 groups of students and during the two weeks they had to complete a sequence of tasks. The final task was assessed and 6 groups completed it. They also participated in the peer review exercise, which encouraged them to hone their reviewing skills. All the students’ contributions, peer reviews and tutors’ feedback has been collated in this document.

The session on Monday aimed at discussing strengths of students’ feedback provision and indicating areas for improvement. The 6 submissions were very strong (much stronger than the ones last year) and we’re were impressed by the amount of detail the students included in their sample feedback responses. These slides give a flavour of what we covered during the live session:

I’m looking forward to hearing what the students think of their experience on the Constructive Feedback course and their perceptions of how it’s impacted their learning. There was one comment from an IUG student already at the end of the live session and its focus was on the usefulness of the peer review component. I found this comment really interesting as the peer review component was a new addition to this year’s course iteration, much inspired by our reading of David Nicol’s work on peer review.  I hope I can find out more about this when I get the evaluation results!


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