Reminiscing about EAST 2015 and its impact on learning

It’s been a year now since we piloted the first iteration of the EAST project. At that time we didn’t really know what we were putting ourselves and, more importantly, our students into, not to mention the future opportunities of growth (we’re running an extended version this year). We knew we had something of value but would the students see it that way too?

From the year’s perspective I think yes, and here is some evidence to support that. Recently, one of the past participants, André Marcos Perez, got in touch with us – he’s been at the University of Glasgow for a year now and we had an interesting chat about he’s got on with his studies and how the participation in the EAST project helped him. Here is a video interview with him – he shares some good tips for the students undertaking the current project so please listen carefully!

More information about Andre and his projects can be found on his LinkedIn profile!


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