EAST goes to Nottingham

by Bill Guariento

Last week I gave an invited talk at the University of Nottingham. That was the first time the project had been presented to an EAP community.

Louis Harrison, Director of the Centre for English Language Education (CELE) at the University of Nottingham, kindly invited me to give a talk on the EAST Project to staff members on 25 November. The University of Nottingham has a pioneering ‘tri-campus’ delivery, combining England, China, and Malaysia, and he felt that the distance-learning elements of the Project would be of relevance to his workplace.  40 minutes was not really enough, but there was sufficient time for several interesting questions at the end.  A staff member in charge of provision for pre-sessional engineers at CELE was particularly interested in the inter-university link-up aspect of EAST.  One question that specifically got me thinking was ‘Why did EAST work with fewer than 10% of the University of Glasgow’s Block C cohort?’ – maybe we should consider expansion to other fields, if IUG is interested?

I was made to feel welcome by the staff members – their positive response showed a pleasing level of interest in the situation in Gaza and the need to develop educational opportunities there –  and I would like to thank Louis in particular for the invitation to speak.  And on the same day that I gave the talk, I found out that our proposal for a presentation of EAST to the IATEFL conference in Birmingham has been successful – a good omen, without doubt!


University of Nottingham

Image source: Wikipedia


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