EAST Certificate Award Ceremony at IUG

by Maha F. Al-Najjar

After two months of waiting, the certificates of EAST project were finally received by IUG. We invited all the IUG participants of EAST project to come to the final meeting in order to distribute their certificates amongst them.  At CSCE building, we booked a room and provided some snacks including juice and cake to celebrate this ceremony.

Dr. Nazmi started the meeting with thanking the students and appreciating their effort to complete EAST project with success. He added  that EAST project will be repeated next year with more new developments, regarding increasing the participation of IUG students. At the end, Dr. Nazmi awarded the certificates to the participants, and took photos with them.

IUG Students receiving their certificates

IUG Students receiving their certificates from Dr Nazmi


One thought on “EAST Certificate Award Ceremony at IUG

  1. This certificate sparked inside me distinctive delight since it was awarded to me from outside my country especially from prestigious institute like university of Glasgow….
    Thanks for every one in EAST project..


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