Another video from Gaza

At the end of the project we asked the IUG students to submit videos of the problems they had been working on with their Glasgow partners. We thought it would be useful to have a visual record of the scenarios and we hoped such a medium would provide a more personal channel to talk about the difficulties Gazan communities face on a daily basis. Here is another contribution!

Alaa Al-Reqep went on a drive round the city and made an excellent video illustrating problems related to road congestion, pedestrian zones, road infrastructure. I’m really impressed by the filming skills of Alaa and I’m grateful to her for the time and effort she put into creating this little clip. I’m sure you will appreciate watching it – please leave a comment for Alaa!

3 thoughts on “Another video from Gaza

  1. Hi Alaa, I’ve just watched your video with Giovanna, my wife. I’m sure she will write to you herself to say how much she liked it! For you, ‘congestion’ seems to mean problems on the pavements, not on the roads (which actually seemed pretty clear, except for Wednesday’s market). I visited Chengdu in China earlier this year, and that was really crazy, with traffic barely moving. From my perspective, I actually like seeing all the life on the pavements – it’s very different from Glasgow, which seems rather boring in comparison, but I can imagine that it must be quite frustrating for pedestrians, trying to get around. I was pleased to see the bicycle shop, too. Cycling is my hobby. If I ever get the chance to visit Gaza, maybe I could borrow a bicycle for a day!
    Thank you so much for a really interesting video, and a lovely commentary!

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  2. Dear Mr. Bill, I want to thank you and your wife Giovanna actually; especial thanks for her interesting. Thanks for your comment about the ‘congestion’ . For Wednesday market; it’s only be on Wednesday in my city from early morning to 1 pm nearly in outdoor place containing all things you need, and in another city it’s held in another day, I hope that I have explained it for you. Also I respect your perspective about the life on the pavements actually sometimes I feel the same thing 🙂 It has become so commonplace and familiar thing for us..
    Finally; don’t worry about the bike when you visit Gaza 🙂

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