EAST Project and Global Glasgow

On Friday, 25 Sep 2015, the project team presented at Explorathon in the Science Centre, an event organised as part of the European Researcher’s Night.

Explorathon_Bill and Anna

Bill and Anna presenting at Explorathon

We only had 15 minutes so we did our best to condense the project into a short summary. Bill has outlined the most important aspects of the project to a small but engaged audience. To help them understand the nuances we used the key words as signposts:

Explorathon_Key words

Key phrases to signpost our presentation

In the background we played a slideshow with quotes taken from feedback provided by the student participants from both UoG and IUG.

Anna summarised the benefits for the University of Glasgow students focussing on the development of academic and transferable skills and emphasising the importance of the process of research and writing that the project allowed the students to experience more explicitly than when working alone.

In the last three minutes of the presentation the floor was given to Dr Nazmi. He joined us via a video message in which he very clearly and succinctly listed all the advantages of the participation in the project from the perspective of the IUG students.

There was a question about replicating such a project with universities in other countries. Of course we would welcome such an opportunity although we wonder if the enthusiasm of the IUG students and their dedication to the project, a key element of the project success, could be surpassed by anybody. There was also a comment on the ways of learning English through such a project – it was a great opportunity for us to explain to the public what teaching English for Academic Study involves!


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