IUG Students’ Videos of the Scenarios

During the presentation day Bill suggested to the IUG students that they could create a video showing the scenario they and their Glasgow partners had been working on during August.

The video was supposed to be a home-made short clip, containing visuals, either still or video footage, with or without some commentary. Four IUG students sent us their videos – Ahmed, Oussama, Alaa and Rawan – we’d like to thank them for their enthusiasm and ahrd work. It’s really interesting to have a visual record of the problems as it’s often more powerful than words.

See for yourselves and let us know in the comments what you think!

Sea Pollution by Ahmed Omar Abu Elkhair

Wastewater Treatment by Rawan Ahmed Silmi


2 thoughts on “IUG Students’ Videos of the Scenarios

  1. Dear Rawan,

    I have just watched your video, and would like to thank you for your contribution, and to commend you for the clarity of your English….and the clarity of your message. It is such a pity that people in Gaza have to confront these issues on a regular basis, including (as we see in your pictures) schoolchildren, and the elderly. Thank you, too, for the work you did during the EAST Project, working with our students here in Glasgow – I am sure that what you achieved together will remain with our students for a long time, and that they will not forget Gaza and the people who live there.
    Best wishes,

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    • thank you alot for your words and your Encouragement… it’s deeply mean alot for me 🙂 …. i’ll never forget the moments that we shared in this magnificent project.. i truly thank you all for this opportunity ,it was my pleasure of participating in this project and giving me the chance to know such wonderful people.

      Best wishes for all,


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