Explorathon and Other Knowledge Exchange Events

Explorathon’15 is a unique chance to get up to date with various developments in science and research done across Scotland. It’s an  ‘extravaganza of discovery, debate and entertainment’ organised to celebrate European Researchers’ Night on 25 September and simultaneous events will run in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cromarty.

Explorathon Logo

We submitted our proposal some time ago in August and it got accepted despite really strong competition. Apparently there were well over 200 proposals from researchers from every school and institute across the University of Glasgow so we are feeling proud and distinguished. It shows the project is of great potential and value in research and knowledge exchange terms. Strangely enough Glasgow is advertised as Global Glasgow  and we feel our little talk could not fit in better with this theme as the EAST project truly works across the geographical and other type of borders.

Here is the abstract of our presentation:

We are piloting a link-up between overseas prospective Masters students at the University of Glasgow and their peers at the Islamic University of Gaza: in August, the IUG students provided the engineering challenges, and our students (with help online from Gaza) tried to fix them. The UoG students presented their findings, taking questions from Gaza, and the collaboration ended with an online party!

So, if you can, please come and join us on Friday, 25 Sep,  at 6.20 pm in the Glasgow Science Centre. We have just 15 minutes to share our experience with the audience so we’ll have to be quick and we also hope that Dr Nazmi will be able to join us virtually to prove our interest in global issues.


We hope that we’ll be able to present about the project to other audiences too and we’re in the process of submitting proposals to various conferences. There are so many aspects of the project that we can talk about: project-based learning, use of technology to support tele-collaboration, science education, global issues to name the few. At the moment we have a slot booked on 9 Dec as part of the Research and Work in Progress Seminar Series at the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. This talk is going to be 40 mins so it presents a better opportunity to cover some of the issues in more detail. We’re very much looking forward to presenting to the School and again we hope Dr Nazmi joins us in person via a videoconference link (and maybe a couple of students too!?)


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