IUG Students’ Informal Feedback on the EAST Project

As with every educational project, it’s not only about the design and implementation but also evaluation of the impact on learning and teaching.

We may think the project was successful (or not) but do the other stakeholders, ie students, share this view? And what is it that they found particularly useful or not so useful about the project – we are very much interested in hearing the students’ voice and we made sure there are different ways of collecting feedback, including formal and informal channels. So apart from a formal survey (which will take a while to analyse) we created an online wall: EAST Project – What I have learnt… to allow the IUG students to share their immediate reactions and impressions of the project. Here are the highlights  from the wall:

It was a great opportunity to participate in this project, thanks to all who participated in the preparation of this project.

It was a great event in my studying life I ever seen.

I feel proud to be part of EAST project. Not only does my work, as a coordinator for this project, enhance my experience, but also it tightens strong relationships either with students or with leaders.

I’m really happy for you have heard the voice of Gaza. Thank you for this great success 🙂

Now what I really hope is to meet my new friends from Glasgow face to face 🙂 I really wish if I could travel there.

I appreciate your effort both sides Gaza and Glasgow, but I wished if things here were more organized and clear.

I have learned a great deal in this course. “Thank you” is not sufficient to express your contribution to my ongoing life.

Words are often inadequate to express my joy for your project………. Meeting you has been a most rewarding moment of my life. 

In brief, I can confirm that this experience was very interesting and unique!

It was a bridge to many people to Let them find out at least what Gaza is …what is really happening here in Gaza… to me that was just amazing and i deeply truly thank you for that.

Looking forward to meeting you great people in person and have the chance to cooperate with you in future projects with practical nature.

Thank you for everyone who work hard to help the students to improve their abilities in academic sector which will reflect in the way of students’ perception in future about good constructive feedback for any situation they will face.


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