Student’s reflection on the constructive feedback exercise

by Ahmed O. Abu Elkhair

Exciting! That’s what I said once I read the email sent by IUG announcing the collaborative program with UoG. I was not wrong in my thoughts about the usefulness of the program professionally and academically.

The program started with an online session connecting the students of IUG with the great mentor Anna Rolinska from UoG; she presented the collaborative program and the schedule of tasks to IUG students in a very clear manner.

Our main tasks were all about providing feedback and critical criticism in the correct way. I believe that these little tasks have greatly helped us to improve our critical thinking skills.

Personally, I can ensure that these tasks and in particular the critical criticism task have helped me in my professional career as I am always in a position to provide feedback to the people I work with.

In my position as a project manager in a translation agency, I am used to dealing daily with many clients and translators where I am supposed to provide feedback on their work; it’s not a secret to say that I always face a tough situation when I am trying to provide negative feedback as I don’t want to lose any customer under any circumstances.

The constructive feedback task helped me to find good methods to bypass these tough situations without losing my assets.

In the academic field, I found the task very useful too as I often do extensive research to fully understand the correct meaning of critical criticism and how to provide it efficiently.

The information gathered during the research stage could enrich my knowledge inventory.

One more advantage was the team working; it’s always helpful to exchange ideas and beliefs with others.

Constructive feedback

Constructive feedback

A good value that could be useful if added to this program woulc be the general discussion of a specific topic. In our case each group has written different ideas about how to provide the critical feedback, it would be more useful if a special pinned post was published on the Facebook group page to exchange ideas between participants, so that everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences.

Finally, I highly appreciate UoG for this great opportunity and hope that their students find this collaborative program as useful as we do!


2 thoughts on “Student’s reflection on the constructive feedback exercise

  1. I enjoyed the session and appreciated the invitation. The noise factor was certainly distracting, but that’s just one of those ‘work on it for the next time’ sort of things. I’d have liked a bit more detail about who the audience were in Gaza; post-graduate students? Staff? and to understand the impulse for our students’ presentations of their project work. Acting on requests/problems suggested by the Gaza colleagues? It would be nice the next time to have a short briefing sheet to give a context for the Presentation Day, because I am sure that this link can be built on in many ways and offer some rich and rewarding opportunities for further collaboration. Despite not having a firm background in Engineering as a subject, (although in the past I have taught the ‘English for Engineering’ summer course) I would be happy to provide any input required for whatever funding proposals seem worth pursuing, and i look forward to welcoming some colleagues from Gaza to our university in the not too distant future. All the best!

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    • Thanks Carol for coming to the presentations and also for taking your time to write the comment on the blog. I agree that not enough information was circulated prior to the presentations and I can appreciate the fact that the wider context was not immediately clear. Hopefully Bill and I will be able to share our experience with the rest of the team during the academic year 2015/16 and we will make sure information is shared and input will be sought at the time of writing any funding proposals as well as running the project again in the future!


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