Some advice for UoG students working on the project

By Bill Guariento

By now you are in your Glasgow groups and you have a topic to research. I guess you have made contact with your IUG partners and got some preliminary info from them. You have made an excellent start!

What are your goals for week 2? 

Your priority this week is to do some research.  At this stage, your IUG partners are a resource for you to use (next weekend, this will change, and they will become your critics, offering you constructive suggestions about what you might add, or change!).  So, go to the library this week or visit the internet.  Find some information about the problem you have chosen.  Take notes as you read. Start to think about possible responses to the problem.

How do I work with my UoG partners in week 2? 

During the research phase, you are collaborating within your UoG groups (2 or 3 heads are better than 1!).  Read and take notes on different articles, then you can meet, talk together, compare your notes.  Later, when you start to write up your subject-specific essay, you’ll be working alone, but this week you’re working with your friends.

How do I work with my IUG partners in week 2?

This is up to you.  Your job this week is to get some basic information about your problem / an overview of possible responses to the problem.  If you need more help to focus your area  (or if you feel your area is perhaps too big!), talk to your teacher on Monday.  If you feel you need more information from your partners  at IUG, ask them.  If you feel that your topic is clear and you just need space for a few days to go away and do your research, tell your partners at IUG – they won’t mind!

What happens if my IUG partners don’t get back to me quickly?

Don’t worry.  As long as you know the problem you are researching, you are fine.  Just use this week to do your research.  Week 2 is the time to make use of the library, and the internet, collaborating with your UoG partners.

What are my deadlines?

Your next SSE deadline is on Friday, at the end of week 2.  On this day, you need to tell your partners at IUG your understanding of the problem, and tell them your responses.  You can do this in writing, if you choose. Notes are fine.  We’re not interested in beautiful English at this stage – nobody’s watching you! Skype is fine, too, if you prefer.  And don’t worry if you think that your responses may not work in the Gazan context – your IUG partners will tell you what they think!

After you get your feedback from IUG, you will have to hand in a draft, including the ‘problem’ section, plus one of the ‘responses’, plus an outline of the other responses you plan to discuss.  This will be in SSE Session 6.  It will be your first piece of individual work.

Your tutors will give you back comments on your drafts in SSE Session 7.

What if I still have questions?

Talk to your tutors.  But feel 100% free to come and talk to me, too.  I’m in room 114 in the Hetherington Building, and I’m very happy to help you, and would love to talk about how your projects are evolving – as one of the UoG students said to me on Wednesday, the EAST project is not just about aproduct, it’s also about a process.  So please, come and see me if you want!


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