Ethical considerations

This project is not only a collaboration between the students but also staff at the universities. As part of our collaboration we would like research aspects of students working together across borders and investigate what impact on their learning such a project can have. We hope that some of the results may find their place in an academic publication or a conference paper. We are very excited about this prospect but as with any other research involving humans, in order to use data from the online spaces we need permission from both the students at IUG and UoG to do so. This is part of the ethical approval from the University of Glasgow.

Therefore we are asking IUG student to fill in this online form to provide us with their consent to using their data. Please read the form and the document attached to it carefully and sign it.
If you have any queries please contact us.


3 thoughts on “Ethical considerations

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  2. Hey, I feel glad of being part of this project. Also, it’s great honor for me to share you this job. I hope you all success.

    Best wishes



    • Thank you Mahmoud, I hope you find the experience useful and relevant to your academic development. We’d appreciate it if you could fill in the consent form as we would love to use the data from the project for research purposes. Also, if you have any questions, please use the Facebook group to ask them. Best wishes! Anna


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