IUG list of applicants has been finalised!

by Anna Rolinska

Today (Mon, 27 July) we had another introductory session for IUG students. In the last two weeks since the previous session IUG partners have been busy recruiting more applicants to participate in the EAST project.
We are likely to have around 40 SET students on the pre-sessional course at the University of Glasgow, which means around 13 groups. We would like our students to work with pairs rather than individuals so that IUG students can support each other when working with our students. Two heads are better than one after all. That’s why the initial number (16 students) was not sufficient. Luckily, thanks to the effort of the team from IUG, more students expressed their interest in the project.
Today’s session was attended by another 11 students from IUG, 5 of whom are studying English as part of Education or Business studies, which is a big bonus. We spent around 50 minutes talking about the project.

There were not many questions at the end but according to our partners, all the attendees are interested in participating in the project. This means that the list of IUG participants has been finalised – 27 students in total.

All the new applicants have been invited to the Facebook group and we hope they join us soon. We need to get the ball rolling and start working on the introductions, scenarios as well as the constructive feedback task (there’s going to be another post re: the latter). In a week’s time we’ll be joined by the pre-sessional students from UoG. I think we can start counting down the days … 🙂


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