IUG call for student participation

In order for the project to work we need a group of enthusiastic and dedicated students from the Islamic University of Gaza, who will be willing to provide real-life scenarios with engineering-related problems for University of Glasgow students to research and provide solutions to. The project will be based on collaboration and interaction between small groups of students from the two partner institutions. They will be working together on the problems and solutions by having a dialogue and providing feedback to each other via technologies such as Skype and Facebook.

This should be a great opportunity to develop a number of skills, for example in effective communication, collaboration, critical and independent thinking, providing constructive feedback, digital literacies and intercultural awareness to name the few. We are also hoping that the initiative will help to overcome the current isolation of the students in Gaza, and to improve their own employment prospects by developing the skills listed above.

What do we expect from the applicants?

In order to participate in the project any interested engineering student needs to be enthusiastic about acquiring and sharing knowledge and skills across borders by means of technologies. They need to be able to communicate in English in speaking (and writing) – this means a level of English of 6 on the IELTS scale or any equivalent of a strong upper-intermediate/low advanced level.

They need to be willing to dedicate some time to the project during online sessions in real time (most likely via Skype) as well as via asynchronous forums (most likely via a closed Facebook group).

What will they get in return?

In return the participants will have the opportunity to practise English, develop team-working and problem-solving skills as well as cultural awareness. They will get guidance in developing skills in providing constructive criticism and you are likely to enhance digital literacies. At the end of the project they will receive a certificate of participation and their name will be featured on the project website.

More information is provided on the IUG website as well as in this document: Info Sheet for IUG Students.

An application form can be accessed here.



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