Meeting dr Nazmi Al-Masri in person in Glasgow

by Bill Guariento

23 June 2015. Our first meeting today with Nazmi!

Bill and Nazmi in Glasgow

Bill and Nazmi during the meeting at the University of Glasgow, 23 June 2015

We feel we know him quite well already after our skype calls, but face-to-face his good cheer and ability to get things smoothly organised were even clearer.With Nazmi and Justin’s contributions (Anna is away at a conference in Estonia) we have been able to organise the initial steps of the EAST Project.  In the evening, after a trip to Edinburgh, Nazmi was back at the University of Glasgow to give a talk on ‘Education in Gaza Through Siege & War:  Stories of Success & Researching Multilingually’ – it was a fascinating introduction to the very positive impact that learning opportunities can have, despite the siege (and the happiness of the deaf students, filmed on day 1 of the first-ever university course in Gaza, was wonderful to watch!)


One thought on “Meeting dr Nazmi Al-Masri in person in Glasgow

  1. It was a pleasure to meet Dr Nazmi with today along with Bill. The meeting was very productive and has laid the groundwork for what promises to be a promising collaboration between international students in Glasgow and students in Gaza. I am very happy to be involved in this very positive learning project. The obvious enthusiasm for learning from all sides make this a fascinating project to be involved in.


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